Quick Answer: What Is Kim Taehyung Instagram?

Does Jungkook like IU or Lisa?

While Jungkook is obviously a fanboy of IU, there is no evidence that Jungkook loves IU or Lisa.

Just because Jungkook looks at a female idol or even speaks to them DOES NOT mean that they are suddenly in a relationship..

Do BTS shave their armpits?

BTS is a group made up of seven men, all of whom are 21 years old or older. So, yes, of course they have armpit hair. It’s inevitable. Sometimes they’ll shave it off.

Does Jungkook have Wattpad?

Jeon-jungkook Stories – Wattpad.

Do BTS members have Instagram?

Although fans can potentially connect with BTS on Twitter and Weverse, the BTS members don’t have individual public accounts on Twitter or Instagram. This is a stark contrast to Western boy bands, including the Jonas Brothers.

Does Taehyung have Wattpad?

Taehyung Has Wattpad © – O1 – Wattpad.

Is IU Jungkook girlfriend?

BTS’s Jungkook is IU’s Hardcore Fanboy! But, there’s only one female idol for him, and that’s IU. … He answered that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but his ideal type was like IU. Every time he’s been asked about his ideal type, he always says IU. Even so, whenever he’d meet IU directly, he was always shy.

Who is Taehyung ideal girl?

He wants a girlfriend who is kind and compassionate. Someone who takes care of herself mentally. By “talks nicely”, we think that he means someone intelligent over everything else. It looks like internal qualities are the most important part to V’s ideal partner.

Who has the most fangirls in BTS?

Jungkook dancingJungkook has most fangirls in BTS. Since its release in June, a video of BTS band member Jungkook dancing has been liked 2.3 million times and retweeted 951,000 times.

Who died in BTS?

He was the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band Shinee for nine years, releasing twelve albums with the group in both Korean and Japanese….Kim Jong-hyun (singer)Kim Jong-hyunDiedDecember 18, 2017 (aged 27) Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam district, SeoulCause of deathSuicide by carbon monoxide poisoning20 more rows

Who is Kim Taehyung crush?

It’s only fitting that some of the actors in these films would be his celebrity crushes. When it comes to V’s celebrity crush, this idol mentioned a few different actors. One of those is the star of The Notebook and Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams, the same celebrity crush as his fellow BTS performer, Jimin.

What is the real Instagram account of BTS?

BTS official (@bts.bighitofficial) Instagram photos and videos.

Does IU like Jungkook?

IU will obviously love all her fans one of which is Jungkook because he is a very big fan of hers just like we are of BTS. And If we take a look at Jungkook, he likes her but as an idol, someone whom he admires just like he admires G-Dragon.