Quick Answer: What Is A Sum Of Money?

What is sum of money in simple interest?

When a person lends money to a borrower, the borrower usually has to pay an extra amount of money to the lender.

This extra money is what we call the interest.

Principal: The money borrowed or lent out for a certain period is called the principal or the sum.


What is the difference between sum and amount?

When used as nouns, amount means the total, aggregate or sum of material , whereas sum means a quantity obtained by addition or aggregation. When used as verbs, amount means to total or evaluate, whereas sum means to add together.

What is a fancy word for money?

What is another word for money?cashcurrencybucksfilthy lucregravyneedfulrichesspeciesterlingwad196 more rows

Which word is slang for money?

Bucks. Perhaps the most commonly used slang term for dollars, it is believed to originate from early American colonists who would often trade deerskins, or buckskins.

What is a fancy word for a lot?

Words Related to a lot. appreciably, noticeably, significantly.

What is a sum of money set aside for something?

A sum of money set aside for a specific purpose Fund is term as some specific amount which is kept save aside for the fulfillment of special purpose of the particular firm, company or any of the institute it can be such as cash in hand, account receivable or bank balance.

What is a large sum of money called?

a vast sum of money. bankroll. kingʼs ransom. a stack. lot.

What is the means of fund?

A fund is a pool of money set aside for a specific purpose. Those pools can are often invested and professionally managed. Some common types of funds include pension funds, insurance funds, foundations, and endowments.

What word might describe something that is out of the ordinary?

Unusual, uncommon, exceptional, as in The venison they served was certainly out of the ordinary. This expression sometimes, but not always, indicates that something is better than the usual.