Question: Is Bristol Cheaper Than London?

Is Bristol bad?

Why Bristol has been named as one of the top 10 WORST places to live in England.

Shops closed on Park Street, Bristol.

The good news, if there is any, is that Bristol was only ranked as the joint ninth worst place to live in the country, a position it shares with Blackburn..

How many murders are there in Bristol?

The number is up by eight per cent in a year, from 847 knife crimes recorded in 2018. In 2019, there were five homicides, 18 attempted murders, 11 rapes or sexual assaults, 301 robberies, 98 threats to kill and 478 assaults involving a knife or sharp object.

Where should I not live in Bristol?

Bad areas are generally, Southmead, St Pauls, Shirehampton and Avonmouth. Anything south of the river is considered poor. There are good and bad areas everywhere, i’ve lived in two good, or nice, areas, Henleaze and Stoke Bishop, Westbury on Trym is ok too, so long as it away from Southmead.

What is the roughest area in Bristol?

According to recent figures from the Home Office’s website, the top 5 worst areas for violent crime in Bristol are Hartcliffe and Withywood, Old City Docks, Staplehill and New Cheltenham, Stokes Croft and St Michaels and Trinity.

What are the nice areas of Bristol?

Where to live in BristolBristol City Centre and Redcliffe, BS1. The once-derelict Floating Harbour is now the salty heart of the city, with a combination of history, offices, narrowboats and new waterfront apartments. … St Paul’s BS2. … Southville, BS3. … Bedminster, BS3. … Brislington and Knowle, BS4. … Totterdown BS4. … St George BS5. … Easton BS5.More items…

Why should I move to Bristol?

As if you needed more convincing, Bristol was voted the best city to live in Britain by the Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide in 2017. Some of the reasons highlighted were its diversity, beautiful waterfront, low crime rates, vibrant atmosphere and great jobs, especially in the creative and IT sectors.

Is Bristol safer than London?

Birmingham was followed by Leicester, Manchester, London and Sheffield as the most dangerous cities, according to the research. Bristol came second as the safest UK city, followed by Brighton and Hove, Southampton and Cambridge as the top five.

Is it expensive to live in Bristol?

Bristol is one of the least affordable cities to live in the UK as house prices hit almost nine times higher than earnings. The Lloyds Bank Affordable Cities Review found Bristol is the 11th least affordable city to live in the UK, behind cities like Oxford, London and Exeter.

Is Bristol safe at night?

Although Bristol is a great city, you should be very careful where you go while on holiday here. The city center is safe during the day but gets a little crazy as evening approaches. … If you are of a sensitive nature, you should keep off the city center on Friday and Saturday nights.

Is Bristol dangerous?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM Bristol is very safe, generally. Crime rates are low and the most common form of crime is petty theft and scams, so just use your common sense and your trip should go smoothly.

Is Bristol a friendly city?

Bristol beat off Leeds, Southampton and Cardiff to be named the “kindest”, after a study by charity 52 Lives and concluded people in the city carry out more kind acts than anywhere else.

Is Bristol friendly?

10 Bristol ‘It has the buzz and culture of a big city while keeping the community feel of a friendly, close-knit town. Office space is cheap so places feel like a bargain compared to other major cities. It’s got lots of green space, is cycle friendly, and packed with independent shops and traders. ‘

Is Bristol an expensive city?

Bristol was voted the wealthiest and happiest city in Britain by MoneySuperMarket. Like all cities, Bristol has its expensive and cheaper areas. The Georgian terraces of Clifton attract many people. Most of the houses are now upmarket apartments but there are still a few houses available.

Is Bristol colder than London?

Well known for the strong accent, Banksy, hipsters and a nice bridge, Bristol is by far the best city in the UK – fact. It’s more chill, the people are friendlier and this small city has everything and more to offer plus more than the capital. …

Is Bristol UK a nice place to live?

Unquestionably, Bristol is one of the best places to live in the UK. In 2017, Bristol was named the best place to live in the UK, while in 2019 the city was named the happiest place to live in the country.

What Bristol is famous for?

Bristol is famous for its harbor, its blend of architecture, and its contribution to the arts and sciences. It’s known for its Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, and its rich history involving swashbuckling pirates and North American expeditions.

Which place in the UK is the sunniest?

Where to go in the UK for the Most Hours of SunshineBognor Regis, 1902 Hours of Sunshine per year. Bognor Regis takes our top spot where the sun shines, on average, for more hours in a year than anywhere else in the country. … Eastbourne, 1888 Hours of Sunshine. … Hastings, 1871 Hours of Sunshine. … Isle of Wight, 1860 Hours of Sunshine. … Bristol, 1671 Hours of Sunshine.

What is the warmest place in the UK?

The Isles of ScillyHottest Places in the UK. The Isles of Scilly have the highest mean annual temperature in the UK of 11.5 degrees Celsius (52.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Not far behind are coastal parts of Cornwall, where many low-elevation sites average above 11 °C (52 °F).